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[OPEN] {Third Age} "The Accursèd Silver" - - 11-12-2020

The Accursèd Silver is the story of a mysterious First Age artifact, unearthed on a farm in central Pontay.

• Yad, a farmboy, 16 years old, written by CW
• Beriss Vel’Darq, crusader and zealot, written by Jonny
• _______ (open to more writers!)
• _______ (open to more writers!)
• _______ (open to more writers!)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. (current) The artifact is discovered on a farm. Soon after, the family of farmers is murdered all but one, and the artifact stolen.
Chapter 2. (to come) ...
Chapter 3. (to come) ...

RE: Intro / OOC - - 11-13-2020

I would so love to start another thread on this story. I have a really cool idea for a character ... a huntress, an agent of a society who wants to preserve the old artifacts, to use them and profit by them, so they send hunters out after any faction who threatens the artifacts, such as Beriss's faction. And this huntress character, in my head, is already taking on shape, and filling out with personal conflicts. It would be so fun to field her and develop her.

Two things stand in my way: (1) I don't know exactly what Beriss's faction is, other than priests who want to destroy artifacts—or at least, this Serpent artifact. That's easily remedied: I can just ask Jonny. But (2) I know from experience that it is wayyy to easy to start new characters and plot threads, and wayyy more work than we ever foresee to maintain them. [Aside: I believe that Pale Ravens died from such overextension. Aside also: I might campaign for some sort of rule in MM2 to alleviate the danger.]

So for now I will practice some unusual restraint, and limit myself to little farmboy Yad with his ignorance & vengeful rage. The huntress must, at least, stand by.

Yad might be picking up a girlfriend, tho Smile . Very soon. Very soon indeed ...

RE: Intro / OOC - - 11-14-2020

In contrast to the above ...
(2b) A new thread would help get the site off the ground. And after all it's only one more thread.
(3) The huntress won't get out of my head. She's growing on me. A whole new crisis point just popped up in her character potential.

Ima cave, people. I know I'm going to cave.

RE: Intro / OOC - - 11-14-2020

And (4) it will be a great opportunity to test the multi-thread application for chapters.
Chapter 1 is Yad and Beriss ... Chapter 2 could be the huntress ... maybe they'll meet in Chapter 3 ...
We can even write 1 & 2 concurrently.
Experience tells me, writing stories at multiple points along the timeline can easily overextend, esp. in collab stories.
Still, fore- warned is fore-armed ...