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Introductions - - 10-09-2020

Hi, Christopher here, in the central California desert.
I was a part of M&M back in the day, and eager to be involved however I can in MM2! incl esp Rick's amazing APPOGIA storyworld!

RE: Introductions - Cthulon - 11-13-2020

Ooooh, Shiny!
Looking forward to reprising my M&M personae under the nom de guerre of "Cthulon."

RE: Introductions - Michael Ilott - 12-05-2020

Heya! Michael from way up in Canada, over to the left side, on Vancouver Island! Was huge into M&M and Wayfarer magazine helped spawn my career into graphic design! I look forward to seeing some familiar faces, exploring amazing places and reading and writing mind-exploding stories!

RE: Introductions - Irihi - 12-05-2020

Hiya! Yu here. Irihi has been stewing about being left in the reactor at Naith Tullin for the last decade and is all set to vent her rage across the lands. I'm a bit rusty, but hoping to write her up as one of Appogia's most vexing villains.

I'm quite excited to convert mystical necromantic powers into a toxic mix of superstition, nanomachinery, and time-dilation. Does anyone know if our superstring-plucking black hole has a name? I vote for "The Unending Maelstrom"

RE: Introductions - Overlord - 12-07-2020

Welcome! The black hole has many names depending on which age/country you are in so its open. In the Fourth Age, in some places, "The black hole is referred to by many names, including “Ouroboros”, The Great Worm, or Knoen."