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Full Version: [OPEN] {First Age} "Breakup"
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This storyline takes place on Sipae, beginning a week after the Pod 2 crash [error: Pod 2 landed intact]. I would like to take CMO Enoki Kinen as a character, and introduce other characters by name, most of them communal (for other writers to control). I would like to use the descent-into-atmosphere of the Amari Star as a flashback scene in which the pod escapees see through their portals the Star Of Ert event, and thus can tell the tale that will be carried down by word of mouth.

The premise of this Pod 2 story is that one of the characters assesses the situation as a new reality to be controlled by whoever wields power, and he intends to take that power however he can; thus we will see a civil war develop among the Pod 2 survivors, with CMO Kinen officially at the head of the rump chain of command, desperate to impose order & safety on the crash survivors, and then, opposed to her, a growing faction infected by the promises of a demagogue.

For the first chapter I would like to remain in the POV of Kinen and her fellow loyalists, with the identity of the demagogue a mystery revealed only at the end of the chapter. Starting in Chapter 2, the demagogue will enjoy his own plot space, and all characters/writers will be free to choose sides or find their own middle ground. Along the way, groups will explore Sipae, possibly settle some of the sites that will later become great cities. They will battle fear, starvation, ferocious wildlife, hostile terrain, and each other.

Eventually we might lay down some of the foundational mechanisms of the Sipaen Empire that follows in later ages. But I do not care to plan too far past these first couple of chapters—this is freeform, after all! I will call this story "Breakup," referring to the Amari Star, and also to the splintering of the survivor-colony.
"Breakup" is OPEN for more writers. There are LOTS of character opportunities: over seven thousand people landed in Pod 2!

Commander Enoki Kinen is currently written by me (CW).

Enoki is the top officer in the heirarchy, but plenty more high-level ship's-personnel positions are wide open, as well as colonists and unclassifiables.

There are also lots of communal characters to go around.