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Please know you are expected to remain in the Universe created within the Canon.  If you have questions, ask before you post.

All reference materials to the Appogian Universe may be found in the Canon.

The Premise
Appogia is an Earth-like planet with a parent star very similar to Earth’s sun.  Appogia’s ‘X’ factor is that it lies in the backwater eddy of a gravitational stream of a black hole where the time dilation (causal violation) is quite small, except for rare flare-ups, but the black hole’s gravity well does occasionally capture objects, both manufactured and natural, pulling them past and into Appogia’s own gravity well.

The World’s setting against this landscape is the journey of the human civilization across multiple timelines covering the crash of the colony ship Amari Star after its interaction with the Haelivar, resulting survival struggles of the survivors, their loss of identity, civilization and social structure across time and ultimately rebuilding of their civilization up through tribal stages to a period of time representing the Year 1000 in Earth time.

Regarding References to Fantasy
The Appogia storyworld exists as a speculative-future extension of our own real world. Much of what has occurred in our history, is in Appogia’s history. Future technology, e.g. faster-than-light travel or the time-bending longevity molecule, all centers on empirical scientific believability, not the supernatural or magical. Appogia at its core is science fiction. Characters in the Second thru Fourth Ages might believe that they are communing with elemental spirits or invoking other-dimensional powers, but the writers & readers must understand that these characters live within a superstition devolved from their space-faring ancestors’ knowledge of physical science.

In short: aliens, not elves & dragons; technology, not magic; and interstellar space, not mystic realms.  References to Heroic, High or Low Fantasy should be filtered through Appogia’s roots in Gritty Fantasy expressed through a realm grounded in science fiction.

  • Timelines & Catalog  –  historical timelines of major events and catalog of Storylines.

  • Vade Mecum –  a compendium of objects, places or entities found throughout Appogia.

  • Gazetteer –   a geographical directory of Appogia.