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Full Version: M&M FFRPG Site Rules
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M&M FFRPG Site Rules - Overlord

You must be a registered user to see most of the Storylines on this site.  Following are general site rules however each FFRPG board may have their own rules.  You'll be expected to abide by all rules or face being banned from the games.

Rules of Play in Storylines

  1. Keep To Your Own.
    Write only for your own characters and their property. Do not write actions or reactions for other writers’ characters or property.

  2. Keep It In Character. 
    All scenes should be story narrative only. Any Out of Character (OOC) conversations should be held in the storyline's OOC thread, by email, or by private message.

  3. Keep It Correct.
    Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected of our writers.

  4. Keep It Clean.
    Romance encouraged, aggressive conflicts allowed; descriptive sexual scenes, pornography, gore, or excessive and offensive violence will not be permitted.  Violations/Violators may be removed without warning 

  5. Keep It Civil.
    Last but not least: treat your fellow writers/players with respect. No flames!