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Appogia is a collaborative writing storyworld with a freeform role-play (FFRP) Game as its engine.

Writers participate by creating characters and then telling the tales of their adventures, triumphs, tragedies, loves, and losses based on the Appogia Premise set in a point on the Omniscient Timeline. Writing occurs on the Appogia FFRP forum.

An observation; text-based "freeform roleplaying games" are about writing. Perhaps the "players" don't realize it, but together they are writing fiction. Because there is no Game Master, and because the rules manage only the collaboration and not the events, this sort of writing can only loosely be called a "game."

So, this storyworld is both a freeform roleplaying game and an environment for solo fiction. The line between them is sometimes blurred.

Our website presents all stories as scenes. Some are stand-alone short stories or full novels; some are on-going roleplay in never-ending-story style. The stories mostly appear as both a series of World Wide Web pages and also as multiple streams of plot and action developing across and between many scenes. For example, two characters might act together in one scene, then move each to two entirely separate scenes. Although writers may present some scenes as complete stories (beginning, middle, end), still other scenes may be pieces of the greater whole. In fact, all of the Appogia storyworld, just like real life, is one contiguous interconnected super story.

The Premise

The premise of Appogia is that it is an Earth-like planet with a parent star very similar to Earth’s sun.  Appogia's 'X' factor is that it lies in the backwater eddy of a gravitational stream of a black hole where the time dilation (causal violation) is quite small, except for rare flare-ups, but the black hole’s gravity well does occasionally capture objects, both manufactured and natural, pulling them past and into Appogia’s own gravity well.

The story landscape within this setting is the journey of the human civilization across multiple timelines covering the crash of the colony ship Amari Star, resulting survival struggles of the survivors, their loss of identity across time and ultimately rebuilding of their civilization up through tribal stages to a period of time representing the Year 1000 in Earth time.

Writers pick a point in time on the Omniscient Timeline where their character's adventures play out.

The Timelines

The story-verse is built around the Omniscient Timeline which features four distinct Ages that define the history of Appogia over hundreds of years.  These Ages offer different genres of writing and provide limitless starting points for collaborative stories.

The Four Ages
First Age: -100 BSE to 0 (Star of Ert) - (Sci-Fi): Stories from the first 100 years of the Colony Ship. Leaving Earth and the political intrigues that necessitate creation of colony ship, colony ship traveling, including possible first encounters with Haelivar, an alien race most humans know nothing about.

Second Age: (Star of Ert) 0 to 100 ASE - (Survivalist/Sci-Fi): Stories up to 100 years after the Colony ship pods crash on Appogia Colonists against the elements of the new planet, intrigues between themselves, struggles for order, breakdown of their society, stories up to the period of Darkness

Third Age: 100 ASE to 900 ASE - Early Period (First Fantasy/Sci-Fi Period – Third Age): Early Appogia, stories from the beginning after the Darkeness 100 years after the first tribes emerged to Early Middle ages. Period of legends and myth of the early men of Appogia.

Fourth Age: 900 ASE to 1100 ASE - Present Period (Second Fantasy/Sci-Fi Mix Period – Fourth Age): Appogia’s present (end of the Early Middle Ages, beginning of the High Middle Ages).


Canon defines the setting of World Appogia including, but not limited to; maps, timelines, locations etc.  Members may discuss changes to the Canon in an areas set aside on the Appogia FFRP.  Canon and other static pages will change as Storylines and their associated backstories develop.

It currently includes;
  • Timelines & Catalog  –  historical timelines of major events and catalog of Storylines.
  • Vade Mecum –  a compendium of objects, places or entities found throughout Appogia.
  • Gazetteer –   a geographical directory of Appogia.

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