Map of Appogia
Map of Appogia

Ting is a small island continent completed surrounded by the Sea of Amari. It is centrally located due east of the country of Thiaba, southwest of Sipae and northwest of Bacheq.


Ting is diverse in features including mountains with high cliffs and rocky valleys in the north while the interior boasts deep forests, lakes and gorges. The coast is alternately composed of sandy beaches, rocky inlets and isles, and oceans marshes.

Flora & Fauna

Flora: The natural vegetation is forests, woodlands, and shrubs. At least half of the country is covered in the evergreen Macchia undergrowth. When it blossoms in spring in a feast of colour, it releases a fragrance that is so intensive it can be smelled off the coast. Much of the coastal lowlands have been cleared for agriculture, grazing and logging, which have reduced the forests considerably.

Map of Ting
Map of Ting, Fourth Age

Fauna: The most frequently found mammal is wild boar, while the Macchia vegetation provides a home to hares, mouse weasels, several species of wildcat and foxes. Deer and elk are also plentiful.

First Age

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Second Age

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Third Age

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Fourth Age

For decades in the Fourth Age, Ting has been a country contested by the empires of Bacheq and Sipae, both wishing to cultivate Ting for use as a staging area to amass military and other resource for an advance on recently discovered lands across the waters to the east, however neither has been able to gain an upper hand. Adding to the turmoil are the native people of Ting who have been forced out of both southern and northern regions of the country but still control its interior.

The Tings control the central part of the country through the villages of Curra, Ballart and Turst. The Tings are most closely culturally related to the Sipaens who first colonized the island and have had a presence on the island for the longest period of time. Their languages are closely related in grammar, syntax and phonology, and many holidays and superstitions have transferred over as well.

City-state of Falari.
City-state of Falari.

In the northern region, Sipae controls the city-state of Hsia and Bacheg controls the southern region through the city-state of Faleri. Both are ruled by governors appointed by their respective emperors.

The Ting “nation” is more of a loose alliance of villages, each being ruled by a local Gieduki (A modified form of the Sipaen “Jiedushi”).

Ting culture also values hunting to a great extent- wild hare, deer, elk, and foxes are all valued. The greatest prize, however are the solitary adult male boars that wander the island. Claiming a boar greatly increases prestige as its leather and tusks are highly prized.




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