A young Mother begins her nest.
A young Mother begins her nest.

The Tsicon were bioengineered by the Haelivar to collect the mutated element from human bodies that will enable them to repair their damaged ship. For several hundred years, Haelivar have seeded Appogia from space with Tsicon Mother Seeds, stone-hard milky white chrysalis, that fall to the lands and seas where they remain dormant over time until they eventually settle find a suitable warm nesting place generally below ground.

Each thumbnail size ‘seed’ contains a Tsicon Mother, whose only instinct is to continually grow bigger and absorb humans in order to process them; either extracting the precious element or converting them to Tsaugn, mindless drones, who serve the Mother in finding more humans to process.  Remains of humans whose element has been extracted or who are not worthy as Tsaugn provide nourishment for the Mother and add to her growth.

Tsicon Mothers are unknown to unprocessed humans.  Humans who encounter Tsaugn and live believe they are an independent tribe of fierce warriors.

Another form of processed human is the Vicar, a high level agent of the Mother.  While Tsaugn are manipulated directly by the Mother as warriors or servants and are very sensitive to light, Vicars are independent agents who take interest in human affairs in order to manipulate them towards the Mother.  Although not quite as sensitive to light as the Tsaugn, Vicars still prefer the shadows and night for their activities.  When human encounter them, they believe them to be some form of enchanter or spiritual seerer.

The Vicar’s main function is to work as the Mother’s agent as she becomes more and more immobile expanding into her nest.  In the Mother’s early stages this means helping to find her a suitable nesting place.  Once the Mother emerges from her chrysalis and establishes her nest, the Vicar becomes overseer of the young Mother’s new colony and as more Vicars become available, her clandestine representatives in human affairs.

Vicars are generally a Mother first convert.  A operation that may occur while the Mother is still in chrysalis form generally after an unprocessed human ingests a drop of the Mother’s essence secreted from the chrysalis.

Creation of the human drone-spawn, Tsaugn, may occur in any number of ways.  Among them is being lured down into the burrow holes of the Mother’s nest either by telepathic urgings which may seem as songs or callings, or more directly by being captured by Tsaugn during their nightly raids or battles and physically carried down into the holes.  Once there, they are brought into the nests core where the Mother absorbs and assimilates them into what she needs, or she consumes them.

Over years, nests develop many intricate interconnecting tunnels as the Mother continues to grow.  Old Mothers may be huge, up to a mile in length, with nests and burrow holes that can honeycomb large areas of land.  Tsaugn use these tunnels as a faster means of travel during the daylight hours where they may lay in wait until nightfall.

In the event of a sudden loss of a Mother, the nest and colony ends, Tsaugn go insane and die. Vicars may continue on for a length of time, sometime years, drifting away on lonely purposeless vigils before they eventually go insane and die.

The remnants of an old colony may not join other colonies, even as social outcasts, as without the prior harmonization of the new colony’s Mother they are treated as aggressors and killed. However separated vicars may pick up on the vibrations of and be accepted by an unhatched Mother still in chrysalis.

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