Map of Appogia
Map of Appogia

Pontay is located in the western quadrant of a continent in the northwestern hemisphere of Appogia shared with several other civilized regions separated by expansive forests and the great River Axiq. In the northwest is Aburr, northeast is Thiaba and southeast is Dovoc.


Winters are mild and summers warm. Average temperatures range around 27C/80.6F and high average seasonal rainfall. The climate is generally warm and humid.


The terrain is mostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in the north and west and full lush forests in the south. Fertile soils over much of the country make good agricultural land.

Flora & Fauna

Post has vast forests of oak and beech in the north and center, as well as pine, birch, poplar, and willow. Toward the coasts are olive trees, vines, and mulberry and fig trees, as well as laurel, wild herbs

Pontay is home to large predatory animals such as wolves and brown bears, as well as herbivores such as elk. Smaller animals include martens, wild pigs, foxes, weasels, bats, rodents, rabbits, and assorted birds.

First Age

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Second Age

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Third Age

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Map of Pontay, Fourth Age
Map of Pontay, Fourth Age

Late Fourth Age

Many manuscripts document the heroic exploits of Emporer Thairlane and his twelve fellow knights, the famous paladins. Thairlane is largely credited with uniting the country of Pontay under one rule pushing back both the raiding Aburrs and Dovocs who would lay claim to his lands. Late in his life Thairlane succumbed to pleurisy and even as the country mourned his death it was divided between his three sons, Vidico, Adalger and SigiRic, into Kingdoms Taine, Ancia and Isela.

Emporer Thairlane exercised he right to rule and command. He had supreme jurisdiction in judicial matters, made legislation, led the army, and protected both the Church and the poor. His administration was an attempt to organize the kingdom, church and nobility around him. However, the effort was heavily dependent upon the efficiency, loyalty, and support of his subjects.

After his death, sides were quickly chosen among his sons, the nobility and the Church leading to social and civil unrest. The country was in a current state of turmoil from 800–900 ASE, in addition to defending itself from Aburr and Dovoc raiding parties. The one clear bright-spot on the horizon is envoys from Diallo have reached out to Adalger of the Middle Kingdom with offers of goodwill and trade much to the concern of his brothers.

Kingdom of Ancia, Fourth Age
Vidico, the youngest son of Emporer Thairlane inheritance was 5,000 silver coins and the small, run-down Kingdom of Taine which must contend with regular raiding parties of warriors from nearby Aburr. Taine is called the North Kingdom.

Kingdom of Ancia, Fourth Age
Kingdom of Ancia, Fourth Age

Adalger, the second son of Emporer Thairlane, was given the inheritance of the largest Kingdom of Ancia and its rich farm lands. It also has a large, well-maintained military which keeps a strong presence along its borders with Taine and Isela. Ancia is called the Middle Kingdom.

SigiRic, the eldest son of Emporer Thairlane, who had once rebelled against him, was given the inheritance of 5,000 gold coins and the Kingdom of Isela which regularly repells raiding parties of warriors from nearby Dovoc. Isela is called the South Kingdom.

A vast swath of lands north of Taine is known as the Contested Lands or the Badlands and is often a field of battle for Aburr raiding parties and Taine. It is also frequented by those hiding from the law.

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