The alien Haelivar- pink blob with tentacles
The Haelivar

The Haelivar are a mysterious race of advanced inter-dimensional beings of currently unknown origin. It is unknown whether they have a home planet or dimension in the mulit-verse. It is speculated they may have brought their ‘home’ with them in their oddly designed ship which they do not leave. Whether they are a race has not been confirmed and their age and history is unknown.

Their planetoid size ship is an oval orb of glowing pale white. It appears soft, fluffy around the edges, like the downy head of a dandelion. Its interior is filled with thick clear liquid which sustains the Haelivar in their voyages between the dimensions. Occasionally, they can be seen moving beneath its opaque surface.

Haelivar Ship - space dandelion
The Haelivar Star Ship

The refraction engine of their ship utilizes the ebb and flow, a quantum push and pull, of the strange energies separating dimensions as a force to propel them within and across the shards and forks of the multi-universe matrix. The matrix is a ten- or eleven-dimensional hypersphere core containing an arbitrary number of other continua, with varying kinds of matter, forces, and numbers of dimensions.

It has been speculated the hyper-spherical in-between is where they are most comfortable and where their home-world resides.

The Haelivar resemble jellyfish in shape and form. A bright round bump or bumps extrude from their upper exterior may possibly be optics, but they have no apparent communication features.

Its unclear whether they have ever directly spoken to humans or even have an opinion of them.  Their actions indicate no regard for the generally accepted laws of the universe.  Motives for their actions appear beyond human understanding.

Star of Ert Event
The Haelivar were traversing dimensions entering the Appogian star system from the direction of the black hole, panes of their refraction engine resonating on the gravity ripples of the black hole’s space-time warp harmonics, when they discovered the human ship, Amari Star.  Sensing an opportunity, they made their way towards it but were stopped in their approach by what they first perceived as an attack from the human ship.  A reverberation emanating from that ship completely disrupted their navigation system sending some of their bloom into a confused daze.  A harmonic space-time distortion occurred as the panes of their refraction engine echoed the resonance back to the human ship shattering the panes, their gossamer webbing dissolving back into the spatial vortex.  The resulting damage to the human ship caused it to break apart across the planet’s atmosphere.  Their ship limped into orbit around the planet without propulsion and little power.

After a thorough review and investigation they discovered that it was not an attack from the human ship itself but rather a result of an element not naturally occurring inside the human’s bodies, concentrated in a high number of humans situated in a small compact area within proximity of an operating refraction engine, that had produced an overwhelming harmonic space-time distortion causing the destruction of the human ship and severe damage to their own.

Further investigation also revealed that a mutation of this very same substance would repair the delicate webbing of their refraction engine panes which were otherwise non-replaceable. The problem was this mutation was very rare and occurred in only a few humans over many years time.  They would have to wait for this mutation to occur naturally in humans as attempting to artificially engineer it themselves had failed.  This process would take hundreds of years, reconstructing the ethereal webbing one molecule at a time, meticulously adjusting each vibration and pitch.  It was a meaningless span of time to a dimensional traveler.

Because the Haelivar’s bodies are not able to withstand a planet’s gravity, the Tsicon were bioengineered by the Haelivar to search out and collect the mutated element from human bodies.

The humans were unaware of any of this, their ship destroyed and themselves scattered across the planet, they only focused on their own survival.  Over time, they lost this event completely from their memories.  What they do remember, cataloged centuries later, may be found in the document “The Histories & Annals Of Appogia“.


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