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Appogia Free Form Role Play and Collaborative Story World

We will be developing and publishing stories and novels from our free form, collaborative writing story world AppogiaAppogia is our platform for creating published works through Mystery & Magic Publishing.  We will not evaluate or publish novels and stories outside of the Appogia story-verse at this time.

How to Submit Stories and Novels

The first step is setting up an account in AppogiaJust click on this link and follow the instructions.  Then spend some time getting to know your way around our world, reading the background materials,  interacting with the other members, playing in the FFRP Game.  You’ll also have an option to enter into a Collaborative Story Group.

From there you can develop stories with others, or submit something on your own.


Stories may appear in anthologies. From time to time we may send out a call for submissions and will give general guidelines at that time.


We will be publishing novels based in the Appogia story-verse as soon as we accept them but of course there is a process.

The average fantasy novel has somewhere between 50,000 and 150,000 words. However, what we’ll be looking for is something between 80,000 to 100,000 words.  Among the things we’ll be looking for, besides a great plot and intriguing characters is around 50-60 scenes. 25% of them for the beginning hook, 50% for the middle build, and 25% for the ending payoff.  If  you’d like more information about the technique of writing, we recommend this site.

If you would like to submit a proposal, send us a query with a synopsis of the story, characters, worldview, theme, etc.  Our editorial committee will review it and respond with a decision within 30 days as to whether we’d like to see the draft.  If we ask for the draft, we’ll review it and get back with you in 45 days to let you know our feedback and/or decision. If we do not accept your manuscript, you are free to resubmit in the future with revisions.

If we accept your submission, you’ll work with an editor who will help you take your current manuscript through to publishing at no expense to you.

If we accept your book we will actively market your book directly to our own audience through social media and our web sites, as well as through multiple external sources at no expense to you.

Mystery & Magic Publishing will retain worldwide print, digital, and audio distribution rights for your book. You will retain all other rights.

The Appogia story-verse is copyrighted however anything you write is yours.  You’ll just need to remove all references to Appogia before attempting to publish yourself or submitting your work to another publisher.

Following is the royalty percentage of revenue split. This is non-negotiable.

50% – Author(s)  Collaborators should agree on their own split. Generally the fairest way is to divide it by time spent on the project.
10% – Editor
40% – Mystery & Magic Publishing

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