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Appogia Free Form Role Play and Collaborative Story World

The Appogia FFRP Game is a classic free form role play game based on the Appogia Story World.  The FFRP Game is a separate system from the Appogia World site and as such has its own operating nuances that must be learned, however, it is built on a classic forum system.  As such the FFRP game requires a second registration, clicking this link, Appogia FFRP Game Registration, will open that registration in a new tab.  Registration to both the Appogia World and the FFRP Game is not required but in order to participate and have all of features both systems at your disposal you’ll need to register in both.

User Roles

Colonists are new users who may only view and read Storylines.

Wordsmiths are users who have access to contribute thoughts and ideas in the discussion areas of the site and participate in Storylines with other Wordsmiths and Story Coordinators. A Wordsmith may become a Story Coordinator by submitting an an idea and story summary (a premise) and having it accepted. Premises should be sent through the Founder Request Form for consideration through the editorial review process. If the proposed Storyline is accepted for development the Wordsmith role will change to Story Coordinator. Wordsmith and Story Coordinators may use this form to submit premises.

Story Coordinators are the primary writers and manager/editor(s) of Storylines they create. Wordsmiths who wish to contribute to an Storyline may be asked by a Story Coordinator to participate or make a request to a Story Coordinator to join an ongoing Storyline.

Overlord/Regent(s) are the site administrators who have access to the inner workings of the site and are the final decision makers for changes to the Canon and other static pages.


Storylines are the stories of Appogian adventures which may be considered for publication by Mystery & Magic. A Storyline proposal may be submitted by Story Coordinators or Wordsmiths through the Founder Request Form for consideration through the site’s editorial review process.

Storyline Process

New Storylines: Story Coordinators choose an Age/Point on the Timeline and submit a premise statement through the Founder Request Form. After the premise is reviewed through the editorial review process the request will be approved or denied. If approved, a new Storyline will be added and the Story Coordinator may invite Wordsmiths to participate in the Storyline.

Ongoing Storylines: WordSmiths should check the first post in the Storyline they want to write in and contact the Story Coordinator to request allowance into the Storyline.

FFRPG Game Rules

You must adhere to these rules or face rendezvous with the airlock!

Forum Rules

  • Do not post Threads in the Ages (First Age, Second Age, etc. ) Sections. They will be deleted. You must be a Story Coordinator with an approved premise to create a new Storyline.
  • Do not post New Threads in a Story Coordinator’s Storyline without permission. They will be deleted. You must have permission from the Story Coordinator to post in their Storyline.
  • In order to create a new Storyline you must be a Story Coordinator.
  • Story Coordinators must submit a brief Premise Statement containing the title of your Storyline in order for your Storyline to be added to one of the Ages.

Rules of Play in Storylines

  1. Keep To Your Own.
    Write only for your own characters and their property. Do not write actions or reactions for other writers’ characters or property.
  2. Keep It In Character.
    All scenes should be story narrative only. Any Out of Character (OOC) conversations should be held in the storyline’s OOC thread, by email, or by private message.
  3. Keep It Correct.
    Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected of our writers.
  4. Keep It Clean.
    Romance encouraged, aggressive conflicts allowed; descriptive sexual scenes, pornography, gore, or excessive and offensive violence will not be permitted.  Violations/Violators may be removed without warning
  5. Keep It Civil.
    Last but not least: treat your fellow writers/players with respect. No flames!

Admins (Overlord, Regent) and some Mods (Story Coordinators) may have access to view any document or conversation on this site, so an absolute expectation of complete privacy should not be expected.

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